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Learning and knowledge management is key for any organization and especially healthcare, medical professionals are always in need of updating/ upgrading their skills and knowledge. Maintaining knowledge acquisition and monitoring to ensure a result/ a positive outcome based learning is key and it has drastically become integral part of many organization after the Covid-19 pandemic.

We provide Medical LMS (Learning Management System) or Healthcare LMS with a variety of features to manage online learning, on premise learning and user management. Creating the course, getting is enahnced with text, image, video options. Adding exams/ tests and auto assessment. Getting results and allowing users to get their grades with ability to review their posted digital answer sheets. Easy to build and manage system.

Medical LMS for better learning management and skills development

Learn anytime, anywhere. Ability to cater easy to complex learning scenarios, course creation and assessment

E-learning Digital Economy System
Content Management

Easy to manage elearning content

Create image, text, video based content, modules. Easy to post and learn, practice, exam and assess. Role based system with certificate management. Social learning and compliance based options.

target Digital Economy System
Focused, Integrated & Personalized

Targeted, Structured and Interactive Solutions

Providing a solution that is based on specific needs of a learner, showing the content according to the progress of the course. Interactive according to the achievement and completion. A structured approach making it easy to scale with a tab on progress.

reporting Digital Economy System
Analysis/ Reporting Features

Analytical Reporting

An LMS is only part of the equation when it comes to healthcare training. Extensive logging and reporting gives you the assurance that your employees are receiving the training they need to keep your organization in compliance.

Dynamic, Social elearning platform


Elevate the learning experience at all levels with ability to measure the outcomes

"Learning Management System (LMS) solutions provided us new insights and build a new momentum of growth. We learned what we needed to, in a specific time with an ability to measure the outcome of learning and helped us create a learning organization based on the best practices.

— Dave Litton, Chief Innovation Officer


hreatbeat Digital Economy System

User Friendly

Providing a user friendly system is key to success for a better adoption and utilization.
screen Digital Economy System

Multi Literacy Approach

Provided tools to create content in all mediums, such as text, image, video, audio. Able to easily customize and revise.
target Digital Economy System


An individual accesses the system based on their role and level with a customized, matrix based control.
mobile Digital Economy System


Provided with the games and features to engage users to motivate and challenge for a better learning experience. Rewards, points etc help create a richer and stronger commitment and focus.
hand Digital Economy System

Device Agnostic

A system that works equally good at desktop, laptop or mobile devices. Easy to view, manage on different sizes of screens
Stethoscopes Digital Economy System

Insights & Reports

Without individual level reports it is hard to measure and improve. Reports and analysis are a key feature of our LMS.


Challenges in a very fast changing world of information and knowledge requires a solution to pace the adoption and adaptation. Providing tools to learn and improve are key for any size of organization to leverage and maintain sustainability and keep pace with the change.