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Data is at the heart of new models of education, anytime anywhere, learn at your pace

Technology driven education maximizes one's learning and choices of learning, MOOCs, LMS and so on

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Learning Management Systems/ LMS

LMS catered for educational institutions. organizations, medical practices with a suite of important modules like user management, content management, exam/ tests management, result and certificate management. Good for training, CME, and many such needs and requirements.

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Examix or Exam Information Transformation System is based on our decade old work in revolutionizing learning, revision, and exams. Now part of a few leading universities around the world we are leaders in providing the exams, assessment systems for medical exams.

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The allmedexams.com is a unique platform for medical students to practice exam preparation in almost 26 pre-clinical, clinical subjects. Launched in 2009, we have evolved it into a highly innovative platform. Providing medial exams with TF, single best answer, extended matching questions, We have further developed digital OSCE, OSPE, FIB, Drag & Drop, PBQ, Picture based, and many many more.

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Digital Postgraduate Learning Platform

Team Deconomy has unveiled a state-of-the-art ePortfolio platform tailored for Doctorate/Masters' programs at a prestigious Malaysian university. We're now actively developing ePortfolio solutions for three additional postgraduate programs. Our data-centric methodology guarantees a seamless digital transition for every facet of the educational journey.

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Digital Book

We have worked out a digital book system for an international organization with very unique features. The book helps users to learn and connect with authors in real time and request one to one sessions in the areas of their interest. Chapters and topics are access control based to provide a unique experience of focused learning from a huge platform.

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Examiv and Examig

2021, we launched six learning games with an intelligent progress tracking and game-based, auto suggestions to guide the users to continue learning based on their performance or suggest next learning areas. We launched a video based learning and exam system which is to help users to watch videos and take assessments and the results are saved and users are guided. Its a revolutionizing platform for both educators and students, traines.

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Massive Open Online Courses/ MOOCs

We have developed a unique platform for MOOCs in medical education. An advanced platform for both postgraduate and undergraduate students with weekly/ daily routines, assessments, forums, discussion boards, peer to peer assessment options, quizzes, and both auto and manual evaluations to rank users. We are adding more features and paving way for a revolution in medical education.

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Learning and teaching on digital platforms helping educators and students

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Education Transformation

Learning at ones pace Students attending classes without even leaving home, paper replaced by interactive digital mediums of text, images, animations, vidoes etc. Can learn at one's own pace and can repeat the coutless times.

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Virtual Class Rooms

The digitalization in education by transition to an electronic learning system helps institutions offer courses to a wider group in limitless geographies, monitor the progress and train the with ease.

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Hybrid Learning

Blended learning and use of technology to help better education for students and improved systems for teachers is key behind transformation and digitalization of education.

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